Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Even better finds...

So i started playing the drums at a young age...like 10 or eleven...it was natural for me to want to make noise and be heard...
i had one teacher early on but when he got angry at me and hurled a music book my way, i decided to teach myself.

i kind of fell out of playing as i entered high school....just due to lack of progression and pretty uninspired.
possibly because before we lived in a house i was cooped up in an apartment with no ability to piss of my cunt neighbors.

i will always remember this class because 9th grade english was where i met my friend steven campanelli, easily one of the sickest drummers i've ever had the chance to know personally.

steven is a natural and has been one of the people i get style notions and inspiration from

after i moved from texas in 11th grade i naturally fell out of touch with steven....but recently

i don't know... maybe all this reminiscent bullshit behavior sent me wayyy back. but i found some recordings steven has done in the past years and THEYRE MIND B>LOW>ING

these photos are from a terrestrial forrest in central chile, oddly enough located in a desert region. How you ask? well the forest is high above sea level and located right in the coast thus exposing it to much more moisture from the pacific ocean.  there were clouds swirling in and trees that were over ten thousand years old. good stuff. gracias por todos patricio and francois...viva chile.

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